Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi says Season 10 might be his final year

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Peter Capaldi has portrayed Doctor Who on the long-running British sci-fi series for two seasons now, and he'll be back for the upcoming tenth season, but he might be done after that, based on the comments he made during a recent interview with The Telegraph.

This could be my final year – it’s terrifying. I love Doctor Who but it can be quite an insular world and I do want to do other things. There will come a time when this is over. But I knew that when I started. I was thinking about my regeneration scene from the outset. That’s my terrible melancholic nature. When you accept the job you know there’ll come a day, inevitably, when you’ll be saying goodbye.

Capaldi knows that some Doctor Who fans weren't happy when he cast as the Time Lord, but says "every Doctor should be different from the last one. If you want exclusively young, sexy guys, to me that’s not Doctor Who. You want occasional ones like that – but then some other eccentrics.” Have you enjoyed Capaldi's run as the Doctor, and if he does end up leaving after season ten, who would you like to see take over the role?

"The Husbands of River Song," the latest Doctor Who Christmas special, will air on BBC One on Christmas Day.

Source: The Telegraph



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