The new Watership Down trailer is here to lay waste to your emotions

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

As a word of caution, you are definitely going to want to invest in a 3-pack of Kleenex before settling in to watch WATERSHIP DOWN, the upcoming CGI-animated sobfest from BBC One and Netflix. When the new mini-series hops all over your emotions, the harrowing tale of rabbits who flee their doomed warren will star James McAvoy as Hazel, Gemma Arterton as Clover, John Boyega as Bigwig, Peter Capaldi as Kehaar, Gemma Chan as Dewdrop, Mackenzie Cook as Hawbit, Taron Egerton as El-Ahrairah, Sir Ben Kingsley as General Woundwort, Miles Jupp as Blackberry, Daniel Kaluuya as Bluebell, Nicholas Hoult as Fiver and Rosamund Pike as the Black Rabbit of Inlé, among others.

Written by Richard Adams and originally published in 1972, Watership Down traumatized readers with a heartbreaking tale of survival focusing on a colony of rabbits who are made to leave the comfort of their soon-to-be-ravaged homestead. In charge of the migration are Hazel (McAvoy) and his brother Fiver (Hoult). Along their journey, the nest of rabbits are threatened by raging elements as both Mother Nature and humans present the group with a grim fate. This is the third time that WATERSHIP DOWN has been adapted for screen, and both BBC and Netflix look to be pulling out all the stops with regard to making you cry your face off by the end of the chilling adventure.

Nothing can prepare you. Don't even try. Just give in to the tears. Don't say I didn't warn you.

WATERSHIP DOWN will destroy your heart and soul begining on December 23rd via Netflix.

Source: Netflix

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