Drugs and aliens intermingle in trailer for sci-fi flick Welcome to Willits

So WELCOME TO WILLITS is a sci-fi/horror film that apparently stars Dolph Lundgren (at least according to this poster), but who barely appears in the trailer. Otherwise, it seems to be a creature feature about aliens attacking teens...but then it's also about some hillbilly killer using hallucinogens? And that the aliens might be in his head? I don't know, here's the official synopsis:

Deep in the Northern California woods, in the heart of the notorious Emerald Triangle, lies a remote cabin. The residents struggle to fight off the repeated attacks and abductions by mysterious creatures that have plagued them for years. When a local pot farmer is caught up with a wayward group of campers the situation quickly escalates into total carnage.

I mean...looks like it could be dumb fun. Definitely cheap. Honestly, I'm hoping after AQUAMAN Lundgren can stop slumming it with bit parts in these DTV B-movies. He has the chops when they let him just be weird. Otherwise this looks like one of those Netflix movies you scroll past 'til you find something better.

Meanwhile, WELCOME TO WILLITS will be unleashed September 22nd.

Extra Tidbit: Huh, I wonder how long Dolph Lundgren is on screen? Less than 15 minutes?
Source: YouTube



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