Emma Stone romances Joaquin Phoenix in Woody Allen's Irrational Man trailer

Say what you will about writer/director Woody Allen, by the man stays ever busy. Not content with just working with Emma Stone on last year's MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT, he's bringing her back for an encore performance in his latest feature, IRRATIONAL MAN. The film follows that of a philosophy professor (Joaquin Phoenix) on a small town college campus who's suffering from an existential crisis. He eventually meets a student (Stone) who gives his life new purpose. Joaquin being the Phoenix that he is ensues in this trailer!

This trailer doesn't really bring anything new to the Woody table, if you will, but these are two actors I could probably watch all day, every day. Besides, I totally buy into the fact one laugh from Emma Stone could change a man forever. They really should change the title from IRRATIONAL MAN to EVERY PERSON'S DREAM . . . EVER. Besides, it couldn't be any worse than INHERENT VICE. I said it!

IRRATIONAL MAN will be released on July 24, 2015.



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