Fan trailer for La La Land 2049 is a fun Ryan Gosling mash-up

I always love me some mash-em-ups, especially when it comes to fan trailers. Of course, these can often be an exercise in terrible editing, as well as ill-conceived (or conversely, cliched and hacky) ideas. But there are always the diamonds in the rough, and I'd argue this clever mash-up of the disparate Ryan Gosling films - LA LA LAND and BLADE RUNNER 2049 - by user TheDoctorOfWill is one of those diamonds.

For one, I enjoyed that there seemed to actually be a story being told (in the post-apocalyptic future, the main characters of LA LA LAND reunite). I also appreciated the extra effort given to some special effects touch-ups, like the neon "Seb's" (with the musical note apostrophe) on one of the buildings, as well as compositing a masked-out Emma Stone in place of Harrison Ford.

Anyway, the video is embedded above. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, you can see BLADE RUNNER 2049 right now, but not for long, judging by the disappointing box-office numbers.

Extra Tidbit: What other Gosling mash-ups would you like to see? I'm partial to LARS AND THE REAL GIRL DRIVE.
Source: YouTube



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