First images from the Poltergeist remake with Sam Rockwell

I know what you are thinking: remaking the classic POLTERGEIST is a bad idea. The original 1982 Tobe Hooper movie is an iconic horror film that has stood the test of time. After two sequels and an unrelated television series, why bother bringing the Steven Spielberg produced movie back to new audiences? Forget it Jake, it's Hollywood.

If you want a silver lining, take a look at those behind the camera of the new POLTERGEIST. Directed by MONSTER HOUSE's Gil Kenan and produced by Sam Raimi, POLTERGEIST touts a great cast that includes Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Jared Harris. The key is the filmmakers desire to continue the legacy of the original film while continuing to explore our society's reliance on media. The first POLTERGEIST was a commentary on television as babysitters and the new film will expand on that. Here is what Kenan had to say about the approach to the film.

"Unlike the traditional horror film, I wanted to put together a cast to give weight and reality to these characters. It's the way to anchor the family. It's such an emotional story at the core. Parents fighting to get their child back from the beyond."

I thoroughly enjoyed Gil Kenan's MONSTER HOUSE and he should bring one hell of a punch to the 3D visuals we have in store for POLTERGEIST. I like the added vibe from the hands on the flat screen TV, but overall these photos look just like a rehash of what we already got in the first POLTERGEIST. I am hoping the finished product proves me wrong.

POLTERGEIST opens on July 24th.

Source: USA Today



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