Gareth Evans drops some interesting information about when The Raid 3 will be set

THE RAID 2 looks more intense with each new glimpse of footage and fans of the first movie are surely excited to see the continued violence in Gareth Evans sequel. The promise of every aspect of the first movie being raised in THE RAID 2 only means the inevitable RAID 3 is going to be insane. That's right, if you didn't already know, Evans has always planned for THE RAID to be a trilogy of films.

Evans has been dropping nuggets of news about THE RAID 2 on his Twitter feed which revealed the following piece of news about THE RAID 3:

THE RAID 2 takes place two hours after the first, THE RAID 3 would start two hours before THE RAID 2 ends.

That is not a typo: THE RAID 3 will take place during the events of THE RAID 2. That means there is already consideration made during the creation of THE RAID 2 as to how it will feed into the third movie. Will characters from the second film overlap with the third? How exactly this overlap will drive the story is unknown but it will definitely beg multiple viewings to figure it all out.

This also means taken in one sitting, all three movies in the trilogy will be very tightly plotted in line with one another, something you don't often get these days. It seems that most "trilogies" in recent years are single films split into sequels like THE HOBBIT or they are forced into multiple films to increase the box office prospects like PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. THE RAID was popular with movie buffs when it hit and THE RAID 2 is assuredly going to do the same. Here's hoping that THE RAID 3 will kick that final bit of ass and go down in film history.

THE RAID 2 hits theaters on March 28, 2014.

Source: Dark Horizona



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