Geoffrey Rush gets involved with a mysterious woman in the trailer for The Best Offer

Geoffrey Rush has never been the type of actor who headlines big studio pictures, but he is a damn fine performer who can do everything from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN to THE KING'S SPEECH and you never question his integrity as a thespian. This year, RUSH turned in a nice performance in THE BOOK THIEF as well as this interesting turn in THE BEST OFFER.

Coming from CINEMA PARADISO director Giuseppe Tornatore, THE BEST OFFER is an interesting mix. The trailer looks like it has elements of an erotic thriller, a heist film, a murder mystery, and possibly something more surreal. I cannot tell for sure exactly what tone the film is going for, but Rush looks to be deliciously creepy at the beginning before becoming more human as it goes on.

Geoffrey Rush is superb in this stylish art world thriller as Virgil Oldman, managing director of a leading auction house. Over the years, he has collected hundreds of masterful, priceless portraits of women that he keeps hidden in his villa. One day, Oldman receives a special assignment: a mysterious young woman, who refuses to appear in person, asks him to sell her family’s antiques. Not only interested in her classical paintings and furniture, Oldman becomes increasingly fascinated by the mysterious incognito woman, leading to a sumptuous and entertaining mystery of passions, neuroses and intrigue.

THE BEST OFFER was produced and filmed in Italy but is entirely in English. It co-stars Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks and Donald Sutherland. The score is by Ennio Morricone. It will debut On Demand on January 1, 2014 here in North America and will make for a nice New Year's post-hangover treat.

Source: The Film Stage



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