Jacob Tremblay has pretty horrifying dreams in new Before I Wake trailer

Kids suck. They’re dirty, loud, smelly, selfish and always seem to be plagued by demons. More than adults, they seem to be able to connect to “the other side”—at least so far as the movie world is concerned. Now we are treated to one of the creepiest child-with-ghost-powers angles yet in BEFORE I WAKE, which has just dropped a new trailer courtesy of Relativity Studios.

Behold in terror!

As you saw, the movie stars Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane as two parents who take in a small child (Jacob Tremblay) to foster, only to realize his dreams come to life. Sadly, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, as they realize his nightmares are just as alive as his dreams, and they manifest themselves in the form of a PAN’S LABYRINTH-type creature who creeps about all creepy like.

This movie was supposed to come out May 2015, but given the [email protected] that was Relativity’s bankruptcy issues, the movie had to be postponed till that September, which was pushed to last April, and is finally set to come out this September. The end of the trailer gets a little too action-packed for my taste, leading me to believe there’s going to be a lot of chaos in the end, which to me signals a sub-par horror flick. But this is just the trailer, and the movie itself is an entirely different beast. But is it just me, or do you think it will be wise to solve this whole dreams-coming-to-life problem before the kid becomes a teenager? Just curious.

We will find out if the movie is a dream come true or a total nightmare on September 9…hopefully.



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