James Franco is Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist trailer

Tommy Wiseau made what is considered the most hilariously bad movie ever –THE ROOM. The making of the movie was an equally hysterical mess, and the development and filming of the movie is chronicled in the book "The Disaster Artist" by Greg Sestero (who played Mark in THE ROOM). Now the movie based on the book about the making of the movie is on the way from James Franco, who also stars as Wiseau. The movie earned raves out of Sundance and is being slated for a Oscar-season release. Now you can see what all the hub-ub is about by watching the first trailer below! Get your spoons ready!

What makes this trailer so perfect is that it so hilariously captures the unbelievable terribleness of Wiseau's acting, and how it caused the cast and crew such immense, painful exhaustion. And that's just in this scene! The entire making of the movie was filled with moments like this, and I can't tell you how excited I am to see it all be played out on screen. Franco is perfect as Wiseau, and the rest of the cast looks top-notch as well. Only four more months to go!

THE DISASTER ARTIST  with Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Josh Hutcherson, Sharon Stone, Alison Brie and Zoey Deutch  December 8.

Source: New Line



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