Jamie Lee Curtis preps for Michael's return in new Halloween trailer tease

Universal Pictures has unleashed yet another tease for David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN ahead of tomorrow's full-length trailer debut. In the newest blink-and-you've-missed-it glimpse of the upcoming horror film, we find Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) gearing up for Michael's return to Haddonfield. If you watch closely, you'll catch Laurie getting down to business with a shotgun, a pack of dogs barking at what we can only assume is the mute, masked psychopath, and a shot of someone beneath a ghost-like bed sheet. That last mention is a sweet throwback to director John Carpenter's 1978 original film, that is sure to thrill fans of the character who helped pioneer the Slasher genre alongside BAY OF BLOOD (1971), THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and BLACK CHRISTMAS (both 1974).

Directed and co-written by Green alongside Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley, HALLOWEEN is set forty years after the events of the original, with Laurie determined to protect those who're being hunted by the seemingly un-killable psychopath. Starring in the film in addition to Curtis are Judy Greer (ANT-MAN), Virginia Gardner (Marvel's RUNAWAYS), Will Patton (REMEMBER THE TITANS), Toby Huss (RESCUE DAWN), Miles Robbins (BLOCKERS), and both James Jude Courtney (FAR AND AWAY) and Nick Castle (HALLOWEEN) as Michael Myers.

Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for when the full-length trailer for HALLOWEEN arrives. Meanwhile, HALLOWEEN will arrive in theaters on October 19th.



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