JoBlo-Hosted IT Screening Brings The Scares!

It was a packed house at JoBlo's screening of IT on Monday night in Washington, DC, courtesy of Warner Bros.

We were one of the lucky audiences treated to an exclusive, early screening to the remake of Stephen King's classic horror film in all its R-rated glory. Previously the story of the killer clown was edited for TV, and with that lost some of the more :ahem: gory details of the story. But from the opening scene of director Andrés Muschietti re-imagination of the story, it's clear this version pulls no punches and earns that hard R rating. 

Based on the screams and "nopes" I heard in the theater (admittedly a lot coming from me), I can guarantee that even those of you that won't admit to being scared of clowns will be sleeping with the light on for a few nights after seeing Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise. And if you have coulrophobia like me... buckle up, you're in for a terrifying ride. The good news is that amidst the terror, IT also brings humor and nostalgia as a nice break from white-knuckling the armrest; I can imagine there will be a lot of comparisons made to E.T. and, more appropriately, STRANGER THINGS

It was great seeing all of you JoBlo readers at the screening! We hope you enjoyed the giveaways, including a kickass t-shirt featuring Pennywise ITself.

Not to mention a couple lucky readers received a prize pack and framed Mondo poster!

If only Georgie were interested in the free popcorn and drink.

I'm already preparing myself for Part Two...

You can see IT for yourself on September 8th!

Extra Tidbit: ho do you want to play the kids all grown up? Sound off on your ideal cast in the comments below.
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