John Cena introduces new Ferdinand trailer

First The Rock with MOANA, then practically the entire WWE roster for SURF'S UP 2, now John Cena is going solo with the CG-animated feature FERDINAND. Based on the 1936 children's book THE STORY OF FERDINAND, the film is about "a Spanish Fighting Bull who prefers smelling the flowers and practicing non-violence rather than chasing red cloths held by matadors in arenas. But when disaster comes to him, he is taken to a fighting stadium like every bull in Spain, and Ferdinand needs to decide if he is a fighting bull or a flower smelling, generous bull, in order to earn his freedom."

After watching the trailer above, I know I won't enjoy this. However, I also can't deny that Cena has some charm as the titular character, and it seems like it'll have a good moral for kids at the center of it, with some fun slapstick to keep the little shits entertained for a couple hours. I just personally tune out when I see CG-animated characters dancing to pop tunes for no reason. So sue me.

Meanwhile FERDINAND will charge into theaters December 15th.

Extra Tidbit: So is Kane going to be voicing a Dreamworks picture next?
Source: YouTube



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