Josh Brolin and George Clooney to star in Coen brothers' Hail, Caesar!

Stop what you're doing right now and get prepared for some fantastic news. Are you sitting down? Alright, so it is now official that Joel and Ethan Coen’s HAIL, CAESAR!, which we told you about last month, will star George Clooney and Josh Brolin. The Coen’s will write and direct the film that follows a 1950s-era Hollywood "fixer" named Eddie Mannix. Brolin and Clooney are no strangers to the genius work of the Coen’s; Brolin starred in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN and TRUE GRIT while George Clooney starred in BURN AFTER READING, INTOLERABLE CRUELTY, O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?

Here is a synopsis:

HAIL, CAESAR! is a comedic period picture set in the 1950s that follows Eddie Mannix, a Hollywood fixer who works for the studios to protect their movie stars (and their squeaky-clean reputations) from gossip rags and jealous rivals eager to expose salacious scandals.

Once I learned that the Coen’s were working on another dark comedy, I added it to my Google Alerts accordingly. BARTON FINK is one of my favorite of theirs and as crazy as that movie was, this one actually sounds like it could top it. They previous mentioned they would like the opportunity to have George Clooney play another numskull for them; I think we all agree that should definitely happen here. Josh Brolin, who has been hitting out of the park for years now, has quickly established himself as one of our finest actors and a personal favorite of mine.

I can't wait to see what these two bring to the screen in this potential classic. What's your favorite Coen brothers' movie?

Source: Deadline



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