Man's best friend gets an upgrade in trailer for A.X.L.

Look out, regular dogs! Because man's got a new best friend and it's an advanced, robotic, military dog by the name of A.X.L., who, I should mention, can fly with the aid of rockets which come out of its torso. Can your dog do that? If it can, I'd recommend taking it to the vet, because something is seriously wrong. Written and directed by Oliver Daly, A.X.L. finds Miles (Alex Neustaedter), a teenage dirt bike enthusiast, stumbling across the robotic dog and immediately forming a bond, but, as A.X.L. is government property, there are those who will stop at nothing to get him back. The trailer for the upcoming film features some surprisingly decent CGI and a good dose of '80s cheese, but it can't help but to remind me of MONSTER TRUCKS. Remember that one? Yeesh.

The official synopsis for A.X.L.:

In the vein of classic ‘80s family movies SHORT CIRCUIT and FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR, A.X.L. is a new adventure about a down-on-his luck teenage bike rider, Miles (Alex Neustaedter), who stumbles upon an advanced, robotic, military dog named A.X.L. Endowed with next-generation artificial intelligence but with the heart of a dog, A.X.L. forms an emotional bond with Miles, much to the chagrin of the rogue military scientists who created A.X.L. and would do anything to retrieve him. Knowing what is at stake if A.X.L. gets captured, Miles teams up with his smart, resourceful crush, Sara (Becky G), to protect his new best friend on a timeless, epic adventure for the whole family.



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