Michael Bay is developing a Ghost Recon movie at Warner Bros.

Michael Bay may make the jump from adapting Saturday morning cartoons to adapting a video game with his next project after TRANSFORMERS 4. But, then again, aren't Michael Bay movies basically video games to begin with?

Variety is reporting that Bay has set up development at Warner Bros. on a movie version of Tom Clancy's video game GHOST RECON. The studio hopes to turn the film into a franchise and while Bay is not locked to direct, it seems he is likely going to. GHOST RECON will be the latest game turned into a movie based on a Ubisoft title after ASSASSIN'S CREED and SPLINTER CELL.

GHOST RECON games revolve around a fictional unit of the U.S. Army Special Forces that essentially operates as the President’s private army, using the latest technology to infiltrate and take down threats around the world without leaving any traces behind that they exist.

No word on any actors being eyed for the film or any sort of a release date but this sounds like it could be TRANSFORMERS minus the robots. PAIN AND GAIN marked a smaller film for Bay and was also a much better use of his visual style than just blowing shit up. Could GHOST RECON be a great movie? Absolutely. But, with Bay helming it, it could just be gratuitous.

Bay is currently beginning the search for screenwriters for GHOST RECON through his Platinum Dunes production company, so we should be hearing more in the near future.  Check out Ubisoft's own GHOST RECON short film "Alpha" to get an idea for what this movie could look like.

Source: Variety



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