Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are the Masters of Sex in the trailer for Showtime's new series

Showtime already had me at the mention of SEX and Lizzy Caplan, but when I found out it was a series about the famous Masters & Johnson sex studies, I was still intrigued. While Paul Bettany was the original star, I am glad to see Michael Sheen getting the opportunity to headline a project like this. And now we have a nice, long, slightly NSFW trailer to lead up to the premiere of MASTERS OF SEX.

For those unfamiliar with Masters & Johnson, they were a pair of researchers who began in depth analyses of sexual behavior in humans in the 1950s when it was considered a perverted and taboo subject. The pair had true scientific ambition on their minds despite the graphic nature of their methods. This trailer showcases some of them, including a very unique dildo.

Virginia Johnson and William Masters studied sex for four decades, so making a recurring television series about them shouldn't be difficult. The question is was everything they studied really that interesting? From the looks of this trailer, at least a couple of seasons will be good television, but I am not sure how much beyond that.

MASTERS OF SEX premieres on Showtime on September 29th.

Source: CinemaBlend



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