Movie in a Nutshell: The Blair Witch Project

I'll never forget the hype and mediastorm that was THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. It was the first of its kind in terms of found-footage horror (at least to mainstream audiences) and it quickly grew a reputation as one of the scariest movies ever made, with newscasts showing teenagers leaving the theater in tears and outraged parents demanding that they should put a warning label on the film. And many theaters did, which was marketing gold for the film itself. However, after seeing the film for myself in theaters it became evident that it would be forever divided into two camps: those that were genuinely scared and those, like me, who left the theater saying, "That's it??" So, as you prepare for the aptly-titled sequel out this week, BLAIR WITCH, let's break down the bare witch bones of the one that started it all and potentially save you from revisiting all the yelling, crying, snot-dripping, and standing in the corner. Enjoy!

Source: JoBlo.com



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