New teasers for upcoming premieres of FX series The Strain and Louie

Some of the best programming on television is currently on AMC and FX. Both cable stations have committed to creating high quality series that are able to push the limits of what could otherwise be shown on network channels. While there may not be the same explicit nudity and language as HBO and Showtime, both AMC and FX get away with a lot of borderline content. With FX premiering their limited FARGO series last night, there are two more big shows coming to the channel that have revealed brand new teasers.

First up is the brand new teaser for the Guillermo Del Toro series THE STRAIN. The previous teasers have hinted at rat infestations and a mysterious eclipse. This latest spot centers on an eyeball and some sort of worm that crawls in and out of the pupil. For those that have read the novel trilogy. THE STRAIN tells the tale of vampires taking over New York City.

This is a damn creepy and effective teaser along the lines of how the network has marketed AMERICAN HORROR STORY. THE STRAIN stars Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Mia Maestro, Jonathan Hyde, Sean Astin and Francis Capra. It premieres this summer.

The other new teaser is for the long awaited season premiere of LOUIE. After taking two years off, Louis C.K.'s acclaimed sitcom that he writes, directs, edits, produces, and stars in will be back for seven weeks of back to back episodes. The loosely connected series of sketches, stand-up, and vignettes is one of the most brilliant comedies on television. C.K. manages to get one hell of a wide array of guest stars from both the big screen and stand-up world. To say that I am exicted for these new episodes is an understatement.

This new teaser has LOUIE dramatically jumping off of the Brooklyn Bridge while holding a bouquet of roses. It is both heartbreaking and hilarious, perfectly in tune with the feel of the series. LOUIE premieres May 5th on FX.

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