Noomi Rapace stars in What Happened to Monday? trailer from Netflix

So this looks interesting. Netflix is releasing a cool looking sci-fi dystopian feature called WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY?, which somehow doesn't involve a cyber-Garfield (unfortunately). It instead stars Noomi Rapace as her own septuplets, all born in a world where there's only allowed one child per household. Willem Dafoe plays their father, who devises a scheme to keep them safe from the fascistic Child Allocation Bureau, by having each sister claim to be one person while only going outside once a day (thus one is Monday, another is Tuesday, etc.) However, after they've reached adulthood, Monday is eventually caught, and it's now up to the other six sisters to save her from the government out to kill her - and them.

Anyway, I like it! It's an interesting and unique premise, and it looks pretty cool as well. You can see for yourself in the trailer below:

Meanwhile, WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY will begin streaming on Netflix August 18th.

Extra Tidbit: Man, Monday is the worst. I feel bad for her even before the whole chase stuff.
Source: YouTube



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