Rampage release moves up one week amid Avengers shift

No matter how big Dwayne Johnson may be, even he would be a fool to go up against the Avengers at the box office. Now that AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR has moved up one week to April 27 his new movie RAMPAGE was set to take them on by coming out only one week earlier on April 20. But in a wise move, Johnson has his monster pals have moved up on the schedule one whole week themselves to April 13.

The movie’s bump is in direct response to the AVENGERS shift and now has gone back to retaining its two-week gap between the superhero epic. The movie will now open up against the horror movie TRUTH OR DARE, THE MIRACLE SEASON with Helen Hunt, and the Anna Faris comedy OVERBOARD, which you are all very keen on seeing.

The AVENGERS moved it’s release date the other week, and for several smart reasons. One was so that the movie now opens globally, instead of in some international markets one week before stateside, thus increasing chances of breaking the worldwide opening record. Secondly, the movie now has a great three-week cushion with virtually zero competition before the next summer blockbuster, DEADPOOL 2. Perhaps this decision came after the rousing success of BLACK PANTHER, which made $500 million by the end of its third weekend.

This is clearly the smart move for RAMPAGE. READY PLAYER ONE (March 30) would have enjoyed a solid three weeks of little competition before April 20, which means RAMPAGE probably would’ve opened strong given audience’s craving for a different blockbuster. However, all the business would have evaporated the very next week when AVENGERS hit. Now it can still open well on the 13th, and then have another week to stretch its mutant wolf wings before it gets the hell out of Dodge and out of AVENGERS’ way.

RAMPAGE now hits theaters April 13.


Source: THR



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