Robot serial killer movie Abe to get a draft from writer of The Strangers

Last August, MGM purchased the rights to the short film ABE which follows a robot serial killer. The short features only dialogue spoken by Abe himself as he readies his next victim, but the Rob McLellan directed film had more originality than a lot of movies that hit theaters. Since then, we haven't heard much but today comes news of a screenwriter coming in to punch up the screenplay.

Bryan Bertino, writer and director of low budget horror hit THE STRANGERS, will write a new draft of McLellan's original version, according to Deadline. There is still no word on whether McLellan will direct or when production could be expected, but with a second draft underway we could see the feature version of ABE begin filming sometime this year.

You can check out the full short below which is pretty spectacular. McLellan is a trained visual effects expert which is why Abe himself looks so impressive. I am hoping the feature version gives a good meaty role to a human hunting for the monstrous A.I..

Source: Deadline



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