"Sporror" is a new genre that merges sports with horror

So a new genre is emerging from the depths of a film marketer's mind, and it's none other than SPORROR!!! The merger of two scary things: horror and sports. I would've gone with "horrts", but that's why they don't pay me the big bucks.

Anyway, the global content studio Gunpowder & Sky has teamed up with Mandalay Sports Media to create the first sporror classic, LUCKY NUMBER "the first in a new series of horror films set in and starring celebrities from the world of sports. The story centers around a pro basketball superstar who must pay up on a deal he made with the devil, transforming into the most athletic — and frightening — killer in cinematic history." Bold claim.

Meanwhile, here's what executive producer Jon Weinbach had to say about the project:

There are few places more frightening than a dark, empty arena, and the sports landscape is full of strange and authentically frightening characters...We’ve never seen a mash-up between horror and sports, where everything from a hockey skate to a nacho cheese vat can be dangerous – or even deadly.

Now I'm not so much shocked about the emergence of the "sporror" genre, but rather the claim that there hasn't been a sports-themed horror film yet. Which can't be right...right? If there are any you guys know at the top of your head, send them in the comments below!

Meanwhile, there's no official release date for LUCKY NUMBER yet, but producers are meeting with directors as we speak.

Extra Tidbit: Wait, isn't Jason Voorhees basically already a sporror villain? What, with the hockey mask and all?



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