The Grinch does some bad stuff in new trailer for the animated film

The last major movie based on Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch came out in 2000 when Jim Carrey starred in the absurd and odd Ron Howard live-action film. The movie was a smash and remains a Christmas hallmark, but still, it’s time for an update, and we’re getting one with the Illumination animated movie, THE GRINCH. The first trailer is here showing the Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) doing what he does best – being a total dick. He messes with people in a grocery store, one that clearly needs some security cameras. There's a green monster going around puking in pickle jars! Get some security! 

The later trailers will no doubt show Grinch doing the whole stealing of Christmas thing, but for now, this is just a taste of the green meanie’s nastiness. I’m not a huge fan of Illumination’s films, but maybe between the classic story and Cumberbatch’s vocal work this one can be a bit better than past films like SING and DESPICABLE ME 3. Either way, it's gonna make 8 billion dollars.

THE GRINCH arrives November 9. 



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