Trailer for Chi-raq shows Spike Lee tackling gun violence for next film

It's been awhile since a Spike Lee joint has really connected with me, but that may change in a matter of weeks with the release of his latest film CHI-RAQ.

Serving as Amazon Studios' first original movie release, CHI-RAQ is a modern day reworking of the Greek play LYSISTRATA. Only here, the women withhold sex in order to stop gun violence, particularly black-on-black violence in the communities surrounding Chicago.

Given the headlines we see far too often concerning gun violence and also knowing the statistics that continue to rise in regards to gangs in the Chicago area, Spike Lee may be once again be ready to tackle hot button issues using the language of cinema as he did once before - with his 1989 classic DO THE RIGHT THING.

This first trailer teases a powerful film that may be waiting for us, come its limited release on December 4. Amazon Instant Video will have the film for your streaming habits within a month after that theatrical run.

Source: IMDB



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