Trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil already looks better than first Ouija film

ouija: origin of evil

It makes perfect sense for anyone to write off another OUIJA movie being made after the debacle that was the first flick. However, Mike Flanagan (HUSH and OCULUS) sitting in the director's chair this time certainly should buy a new chapter the benefit of the doubt... and, by the looks of the first trailer for OUIJA: ORIGINS OF EVIL, it may be fairly earned. 

The new film, which goes back to the mid-60s and has the look of a movie of the era also, jettisons any real connection to the first flick other than Ouija game board that must be a part of the story. But the story of a family who has been scamming others  by claiming to have some connection to the spirit world, performing seances for rubes, only to be faced with something truly evil they've only been pretending exists presents some interesting ideas for OUIJA: ORIGINS OF EVIL to play with. 

In 1965 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their séance scam business and unwittingly invite authentic evil into their home.  When the youngest daughter is overtaken by the merciless spirit, this small family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side.

I'll give you that the effects look a bit iffy at this moment (hopefully they'll be cleaned up for the final cut as more money gets put into the picture) and there has been far too many demonic possession movies that have come down the pike in recent years that fatigue is setting in, but this may be a nice little horror flick to fill the void during the Halloween season that winds up surprising us all... especially after the bar was set so low with OUIJA. 

OUIJA: ORIGINS OF EVIL opens in theaters on October 21.



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