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The good folks over at Latino Review managed to sneak a look at the script for XXX 3, or as it’s officially known, XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE. After FAST AND FURIOUS, the film marks Vin Diesel’s second comeback to a franchise he abandoned, presumably because he learned the golden Hollywood rule of “if something works once, you can get paid more to do it again.”

Also thought to be returning was original XXX director Rob Cohen, but he dumped the film in favor of a project he calls “THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN in the Middle Ages.” Sadly, he’s missing out, as there’s almost a zero percent chance anyone drives a Corvette off a bridge in that movie.

But what craziness does the new film hold? I suggest you head over to LR for the full review, but a brief summary involves a Russian madman with nukes (original), a car chase scene that takes place on a boat (why not?) and of course, Samuel L. Jackson (has the man ever turned down a film role?).

The overall verdict is that the action is too generic, the character motivations are unclear and the film exhausts too many genre clichés. But if you’re looking for something lumbering, brainless and explosive (and no giant robots are around), XANDER CAGE just might do it for you.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite line of this entire franchise still has to be from XXX 2: “Xander Cage has been killed in Bora Bora!” which roughly translates to “Suck it Vin Diesel!”
Source: Latino Review



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