New trailer unleashed for *checks notes* Deep Blue Sea 3

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Look, I have a soft spot for Renny Harlin's 1999 shark attack extravaganza DEEP BLUE SEA. It's not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination (and for having state-of-the-art CGI at the time, it looks like a lost SHARKNADO sequel at this point). But the cast was game (including Samuel L. Jackson in one of cinema's best misdirects), the kills were gory and plentiful, and it was just goofy and ridiculous in all the right ways.

Then…the sequels. Like JAWS, they started taking a dive in quality pretty quickly. Now we're at the third DEEP BLUE SEA, and it doesn't even have the courtesy to be in 3D! Anyway, you can check out the trailer at the top of the article, and here's the official synopsis:

Emma Collins, an eminent marine biologist, and her crew have set up a mid-ocean laboratory over a sunken island town in the ocean where they are observing the first known Great White mating area. Unfortunately, the enhanced Bull Sharks that escaped in Deep Blue Sea 2 are also there with their own evolutionary goal: cross-breeding with the bigger, faster Great Whites. The mission’s patron, Richard Lowell, believes that the Bull Sharks contain the key to intelligence enhancement, which he secretly intends to sell for big profits. Now, Emma and her crew are trapped on crumbling stilt houses mere feet over the ocean, caught between predators above and below the water.

Meanwhile, DEEP BLUE SEA 3 will swim to Digital July 28th and then chomp on Blu-Ray August 25th.

So what do you guys think? Fans of the first two DEEP BLUE SEAs? If so, what do you think of the third one so far? Either way, sound off below!

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