Rebel Moon 2 opens similarly to the original but trails behind debuts for films like Damsel and Leave the World Behind

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver pulls in fewer viewers than the original and trails behind other Netflix titles.

The co-writer of the Rebel Moon movies says Part Two is going to be a nonstop action rollercoaster ride of twists and turns

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver might have debuted at #1 on the English Films List for Netflix’s Top 10 with 21.4 million views, but it wasn’t enough to top the original or stand against other films on the popular streaming service. When Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire debuted in December, the Star Wars-like action film gained 23.9 million views during its opening window. While the gap between both films isn’t staggering, one has to wonder why more people failed to tune in for the continuation of Snyder’s story.

While I would say the promotional lead-up to Rebel Moon 2 felt weaker than the first, others could beg to differ. Regardless of the sequel’s opening salvo, 5.5 million viewers returned to Rebel Moon—Part One: A Child of Fire to familiarize themselves with the original before watching the sequel. Snyder has now had three consecutive #1 films on Netflix: Rebel Moon Parts One & Two and Army of the Dead.

With his loyal fanbase, you’d think that Snyder would blow past the competition unchallenged, though it appears that Netflix subscribers enjoy various film genres. Previously, the Sam Esmail-directed thriller Leave the World Behind debuted with 41.7 million views. Millie Bobby Brown’s fantasy action film Damsel topped the Netflix chart in March with 35 million views during its opening weekend, climbing to 126 million in 44 days.

The upside is Zack Snyder’s films tend to have a long tail, with fans tuning in multiple times to enjoy the filmmaker’s output, often gathering friends for viewing parties or creative drinking games. Elsewhere, the live-action/animated crossover Woody the Woodpecker Goes to Camp flew into the #2 spot with 18.8M views, followed by the true crime documentary What Jennifer Did at #3 (16.3M views). Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel slayed the competition again to take #9 (2.5M views). The fan-favorite fantasy has reached 126M views in 44 days.

According to Netflix‘s official press release:

Baby Reindeer, the limited series by creator and star Richard Gadd, has risen to the top of the English TV list with 13.3M views. List mainstays included 3 Body Problem, which spent its fifth week on the list in third place (3.2M views), and Guy Ritchie’s aristocratic gangster series The Gentlemen, which spent its seventh week on the list in sixth place (2.9M views). Making their list debuts were the Cate Blanchett-narrated nature docuseries Our Living World in fourth place (3.2M views), stand-up special Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer in eighth (2.3M views), and Season 6 of the reality competition series The Circle in ninth place (2M views).

Are you surprised that fewer people tuned in to Rebel Moon—Part Two: The Scargiver during the sequel’s weekend debut? Have you watched the movie yet? Can you believe Snyder plans to make four to six movies in the Rebel Moon series? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Netflix

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