Jake Gyllenhaal weighs in on Doug Liman’s Road House premiere boycott

Jake Gyllenhaal comments on Doug Liman’s boycott of the SXSW premiere of the Road House remake, saying it was always meant for Prime Video.

Road House Jake Gyllenhaal

Last month, Doug Liman said he’s boycotting the upcoming SXSW premiere of his Road House remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal. In a statement, Liman said he was unhappy with Amazon’s decision to forgo a theatrical release and stream the film exclusively on Prime Video. Liman says he agreed to make a theatrical motion picture for MGM, but when Amazon bought MGM, the streaming giant told Liman, “Make a great film and we will see what happens” regarding its release. While Liman disapproves of MGM’s actions, Jake Gyllenhaal says “Amazon was always clear” about where the Road House remake would screen.

For context, here is Liman’s statement concerning his plans to boycott the SXSW premiere:

“When Road House opens the SXSW film festival, I won’twon’t be attending. The movie is fantastic, maybe my best, and I’m sure it will bring the house down and possibly have the audience dancing in their seats during the end credits. But I will not be there,” Liman said. “My plan had been to silently protest Amazon’sAmazon’s decision to stream a movie so clearly made for the big screen. But Amazon is hurting way more than just me and my film. If I don’t speak up about Amazon, who will? So here we go.”

“Contrary to their public statements, Amazon has no interest in supporting cinemas,” Liman adds. “Amazon will exclusively stream Road House on Amazon Prime. Amazon asked me and the film community to trust them and their public statements about supporting cinemas, and then they turned around and are using Road House to sell plumbing fixtures.”

Since Liman’s comments, a report from Variety claims Liman and the film’s team, including Jake Gyllenhaal, were given options regarding the film’s release. They could accept $60 million for a theatrical release or $85 million for the Road House remake to go to Prime Video. The article says they opted to take the streaming deal.

Speaking with Total Film about Liman’s comments and decision to boycott the film’s SXSW premiere, Gyllenhaal said, “I adore Doug’s tenacity, and I think he is advocating for filmmakers, and film in the cinema, and theatrical releases. But, I mean, Amazon was always clear that it was streaming. I just want as many people to see it as possible. And I think we’re living in a world that’s changing in how we see and watch movies, and how they’re made. What’s clear to me, and what I loved so much, was [Liman’s] deep love for this movie, and his pride at how much he cares for it, how good he feels it is, and how much people should see it.”

Gyllenhaal also told the outlet that he loves seeing films at the cinema. However, he also says he’s watched movies on various platforms and has been profoundly moved by them, regardless of how the content is delivered. “I’m a deep lover of cinema and the theatrical release – but I also do really embrace the streaming world,” Gyllenhaal said.

What do you think about Gyllenhaal’s statement? Are you disappointed that Doug Liman’s Road House remake will not play in theaters? Does watching a film on streaming detract from the experience? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Total Film Magazine

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