She-Hulk trailer: Jennifer Walters gets a new look, and Daredevil crashes the party in fun new footage

This year’s Marvel Studios panel is in full swing at San Diego Comic-Con, and those lucky enough to be sitting in Hall H got a big update about what’s coming to Disney+. To start things off with a bang, Marvel debuted a new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer, which includes better CGI, a Wong reveal, and teases a Daredevil cameo! The new She-Hulk trailer also gives us a great look at Jameela Jamil Titania, Tim Roth’s return as Abomination, and welcomes Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, back to the fold.

She-Hulk trailer, Marvel Studios, Disney+, Tatiana Maslany

In Marvel’s new She-Hulk trailer, Bruce takes Jen (Tatiana Maslany) to a secluded island to train and hone her powers. Forever the overachiever, Jen makes short work of Bruce’s instructions and returns to her city. The trailer then gives us a taste of Jen’s role as a lawyer in charge of defending superpowered individuals coming out of the woodwork. If you watch closely, you can see Frog Man, Titania, and a variety of other metahumans who’ve come out of hiding. While coping with her new lot in life, we find Jen breaking the fourth wall, smashing her way through trouble, and learning to control her temper.

After the title card, the new She-Hulk trailer ends with Daredevil swooping onto a rooftop. We never see his face, but it’s evident that it’s him. It makes sense that Marvel would take advantage of Matt Murdock for the new Disney+ series. He is a lawyer, after all. With cleaner CGI, lots of character cameos, and laughs galore, She-Hulk looks to be capitalizing on its comedic tone, which is something a little different for the MCU.

What do you think of Marvel‘s new She-Hulk trailer? Are you excited about more Hulks making their way into the MCU? What C and D-List characters do you hope to see in this new series? Let us know in the comments section below.

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