Feyd-Rautha: Part Two; Sting takes pic with Austin Butler at Dune premiere

Sting, who played Feyd-Rautha in 1984’s Dune, turned up to the New York premiere of Dune: Part Two, even taking a picture with his successor.

Last Updated on February 27, 2024


Every move you make, every premiere you stake, he’ll be watching you… Sting, who portrayed Feyd-Rautha in 1984’s Dune, turned up at the New York premiere of Dune: Part Two to show support for the sequel. He even took a picture with Austin Butler, who now plays Feyd-Rautha in the series. You can check out the pic below:

1984’s Dune has a rocky reputation, with some loving it and others downright loathing it. Sting himself has his own take now that it has been 40 years, saying of David Lynch’s Dune, “We tried to cram far too much into it, but I still enjoy that one as well. It was a long time ago.” That’s fair…but what does he think about the 2021 Dune? “It’s wonderful. I mean, I’m looking forward to seeing Austin playing my role, which is fantastic. You know, I could have played his dad, actually.” Now that would have been incredible! Regardless of your own personal take on Dune, you have to admit it’s pretty awesome that Sting made the premiere.

But Sting isn’t the only one who has major praise for Dune: Part Two. In fact, he’s in a large legion, as the movie has a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes based on nearly 150 reviews. Our own Chris Bumbray even bestowed it the prestigious 10/10, calling it a “real cinematic event”, a “stunning achievement” and a “masterpiece”. The film has had a number of premieres around the world but will finally hit theaters wide this Friday, March 1st.

On playing Feyd-Rautha, Butler would say, “It was just so much fun for me, especially playing this role, to get to do something so different from anything I’ve ever done before.” And while he’s known to take his roles pretty far (has he really shaken that Elvis voice?), he did have to dial down how much method work he put into his Dune character, with director Denis Villeneuve calculating that Butler was still 25-30% in character when cameras weren’t rolling.

What do you think Austin Butler will bring to Feyd-Rautha that Sting didn’t in the original Dune? Will you be catching it on opening weekend? Let us know below!

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