The hotel that inspired The Shining to open a horror museum

Last Updated on March 15, 2024

The Stanley Hotel has become something of a Mecca for horror fans. The hotel that inspired Stephen King to write THE SHINING (also where Mick Garris shot the 1997 mini-series adapation) became the host of the popular Stanley Film Festival in 2013.

The genre has formed the lifeblood of the hotel, and there are now plans to build anew facility to house a horror-themed museum along with a production studio and film archive. The board members of the Stanley Film Center (including Elijah Wood and Simon Pegg) are currently asking the state for $11.5 million to help reach their $24 million budget goal.

The Film Center plans to include an auditorium, traveling film exhibits, a sound stage, and space for post-production and editing and will make a nonprofit partnership with the Colorado Film School for educational projects.

It’s interesting that the Timberline Hotel, where Stanley Kubrick filmed his iconic THE SHINING, isn’t taking advantage of this kind of notoriety, but the people behind the Stanley have the heart and soul that shines above any superficial facade. Here’s to hoping they meet their goal! In no time, they’ll be the happening hotspot for horror fans across the world.

Source: Variety

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