The trailers for Goodnight Mommy and Bite will scare the crap out of you

There have been some pretty damn good horror movies over the last few years. Just recently, we had the success of IT FOLLOWS which was preceded by the excellent THE BABADOOK. Now, we have a look at two more movies that could be the next buzzed about scary movie and each for very different reasons.

First up, we have BITE. The film is getting mixed reviews, but the real buzz is coming from the Fantasia Film Festival where the movie recently premiered. Audience members were given barf bags before the screening of the body horror film that follows a bride-to-be who gets bitten by a bug during her bachelorette party and then begins transforming into a monstrous insect. It sounds like your run-of-the-mill horror movie, but then the filmmakers shared a photo of an ambulance to Facebook with this comment.

I leave the BITE premiere for all of ten minutes and the following text lights up my phone: "2 people,fainted. One girl is puking and another hit his head on stairs". Truth."

Now, keep in mind that the Fantasia Film Festival features genre films, so this isn't a bunch of prudes losing their lunch. While there is a lot more to making a movie good than making people sick, but damn if it doesn't make me want to check this movie out. You can see the trailer embedded below.

Next up is the Austrain movie GOODNIGHT MOMMY. The international trailer has been floating around for a while now, but the new domestic trailer dropped last week and is already getting dubbed "the scariest trailer ever made".

The plot of GOODNIGHT MOMMY follows a pair of twins who are spending time at an isolated house with their mother who recently underwent plastic surgery. As strange things happen, the twins begin to question if their mother is actually who she claims to be. The rest of the trailer is full of dream-like imagery that wavers between psychological terror and surreal nightmare.

Whether GOODNIGHT MOMMY ends up being any good is secondary to the fact that this is a brilliantly edited trailer that sets the mood and tone of the film without giving anything away. Like THE BABADOOK, everything could be supernatural or purely psychological. Whatever the case, now I want to see this.

BITE is currently playing festivals and has no domestic release date. GOODNIGHT MOMMY will be released by Radius on September 11th.

Source: YouTube, JoBlo Videos

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