An automaton embarks on a breathtaking quest in The Wild Robot trailer, featuring Lupita Nyong’O, Pedro Pascal, and more

Dreamworks Animation’s The Wild Robot trailer depicts an automaton’s epic adventure through Mother Nature’s splendor.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the world is a beautiful place filled with unimaginable beauty and wonders beneath every shadow, racing riverbed, and endless sky. We need to remember how nature came first and what the world could look like if it were to retake its course. Thankfully, Dreamworks Animation‘s The Wild Robot trailer reminds us of Mother Nature’s grand and beguiling majesty, even if that vision is through the eyes of a character made of metal and wires.

The Wild Robot is an adaptation of Peter Brown’s award-winning #1 New York Times best-seller. The series has three books: The Wild RobotThe Wild Robot Escapes, and The Wild Robot Protects. The story follows a robot – ROZZUM unit 7134, “Roz” for short – that becomes shipwrecked on an uninhabited island and must adapt to its new surroundings to survive. Throughout ROZZUM’s epic journey, the curious automaton forms relationships with woodland creatures, braves unpredictable elements, and becomes the adoptive parent of a gosling.

The WIld Robot, trailer, Dreamworks Animation

Though The Wild Robot trailer is dialogue-less, the film stars Lupita Nyong’o (UsLittle Monsters), Pedro Pascal (The Last of UsThe Mandalorian), Kit Connor (HeartstopperHis Dark Materials), Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s ChestPage Eight), Stephanie Hsu (Everything Everywhere All At OnceJoy Ride), Mark Hamill (Masters of the Universe: RevolutionThe Sandman), and Catherine O’Hara (Schitt’s CreekBeetlejuice 2).

Chris Sanders (The CroodsThe Call of the WildLilo & Stitch) directs The Wild Robot from a script based on Peter Brown’s novel. Speaking of which, awards for The Wild Robot series extend beyond its position on the New York Times chart, including prizes for a Horn Book Award, two E.B. White Awards, two E.B. White Honors, a Children’s Choice Award for Illustrator of the Year, two Irma Black Honors, a Golden Kite Award and a New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award.

The Wild Robot trailer depicts one of the most impressive previews for an animated film I’ve seen recently. The color palette is endless, the animation is smooth and adventurous, and the story looks like it will hit me right in the feels. My body is ready. In the comments section below, let us know your thoughts about The Wild Robot.

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