This Ghostbusters and Beastie Boys mashup is your new Halloween theme song

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Conjuring one's Halloween spirit is proving to be a bit of a chore this year, what with the holiday being canceled in most parts of the world due to the pandemic, but what if I told you that the Beastie Boys are about to make things considerably more spooky? Recently, YouTuber and mashup artist William Maranci paired Ray Parker Jr.'s theme song from GHOSTBUSTERS with the 1998 Beastie Boys classic "Intergalactic". The result of these two songs being smashed together might surprise you, and I urge you to get your groove on by watching the video posted below.

Until today, it never really occurred to me how much the Ghostbusters and Beastie Boys have in common. Both groups look as if they're ready to take on the world while wearing stylish jumpsuits, they're all New York City natives, and each has battled kaiju-sized horrors, be it the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or a robot the size of the Empire State Building. Dammit, now I want nothing more than a Scooby-Doo style mashup of the Ghostbusters and Beastie Boys saving the Big Apple from both supernatural and technological threats. Let's make it happen, Hanna Barbara!

Will you be adding this new version of the Ghostbusters theme song to your Halloween playlist? I certainly hope so, as it's likely to turn any online dance party into a real monster mash and then some.

Source: YouTube, Laughing Squid

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