TV Review: Supergirl – Season 2, Episode 15 “Exodus”

Last Updated on July 31, 2021


SYNOPSIS: As Alex searches for Jeremiah and Kara investigates a series of alien kidnappings, the sisters realize they must break the rules to foil a new Cadmus plot. In an effort to get Snapper Carr to run a story that would help her stop Cadmus, Kara agrees to set up an interview between Snapper and Supergirl.


* Tap tap tap * Is this thing on? Can I have your attention, please? Do we have any Agent Alex Danvers fans in the house tonight? I sure hope so, because tonight's episode is all about going nuts and kicking butts with your girl. You see, now that Cadmus has their evil mits on the DEO's alien registry, they've started going around and collecting every "out-of-towner" in sight. It's a really bad situation. And do you remember whose fault it is that something like this is even happening? That's right, good old Jeremiah Danvers! And, to be fair, it's partially Alex's fault as well. She did, after all, let her Dad escape back to Cadmus HQ after having him dead-to-rights in the forest, last episode. So yeah, the Danvers clan isn't exactly battle a thousand, right now. 

As I was saying earlier, "Exodus" is a very Alex-centric episode of SUPERGIRL. Not only is Ms. Danvers dealing with the emotional fallout of having her father betray her on every level, she's not exactly the best at coping with stress. I mean really, I like watching her punch dudes as much as the next person, but she nearly killed the DEO's Cadmus hostage with that rain of fisticuffs. I can't say I blame her entirely, though. I'd be mighty upset if a group of black-masked losers came and shot up my favorite bar – not to mention the fact that there were innocent bystanders and loved ones inside the building at the time. Truth be told, if I had my own sonic taser gun (or whatever that DEO-issued side-arm is) I'd be capping thugs left and right till they were all pissing in their jeans from shock. Do you know what else isn't going to help Alex's mood? The fact that Winn's girlfriend, Lyra, got caught in the struggle and taken to Cadmus' secret base for planetary deportation! It's true, Alex is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Ha! Allow me to shift gears for a second, just because I don't want to get too far away from the bar. What was up with that awkward third wheel action with James Olsen, Winn, and Lyra? I mean, don't get me wrong, it was nice for him to drop by but yikes! "Hey, Paula Yoo, Eric Carrasco, you're writing this episode, have we anything for James to do?" "Umm, we could have him drop by the Alien Bar for a drink and just sort of hang out. Maybe he can even have a moment to strap on his Guardian outfit and attempt to kick some ass?" "That sounds perfect, let's do that! Hey James, we found you something to do, buddy! Who loves you?" Ha ha ha! It's okay James, we'll find a way to bring you back into the mix soon enough. You had a few good episodes there to establish what you've been up to in your spare time, but we're going to let Alex and Cadmus have the spotlight for a little while, now. We'll call you when we need you to pop around and give Winn an approving nod and a flash of that dashing smile you've got there. 

Speaking of having bad days, Kara is having a bit of a doozy herself. As Supergirl, Kara has access to classified information that can only do her so much good before she runs the risk of exposing the DEO organization to the outside world. Obviously, outing the DEO to someone like Snapper (and by extension anyone who subscribes to Catco's news feeds) for the sake of an article would be a gross breach of trust between Supergirl's DEO family and friends on every conceivable level, and that's not our girl's way. It's a dilemma for sure, especially due to the fact that the article in question would serve as a warning to the alien populace that they're being hunted. Snapper's right though, you can't simply print a society-shattering front page story like that on Supergirl's word alone. Because honestly, if you're going to start a panic, you at least need credible sources and hard evidence to back up your claims before lighting the fuse.

Oh snap! Okay, so after Alex lost her cool on the DEO's Cadmus hostage, J'onn, as Jeremiah Danvers, paid Alex a little visit. After Alex and (who she thought was) her father have a little chat, Alex folds like a deck of cards and agrees to help Jeremiah take advantage of her ties to the DEO, again. Then, just like that, J'onn's disguise melts away – revealing his sorrowful gaze as he realizes that Agent Danvers is still allowing her emotions to cloud her judgement. He's right to think that, too. Hell, I've brought this up a few times in some of my other reviews. I like Alex a lot, but she is not exactly the best at sticking to the rules and regulations of her DEO station. I'm just saying, if her and J'onn weren't so tight, she'd have been long gone several bad decisions ago. I understand that the whole thing is complicated due to her father and all, but she's got to get her head out of the clouds if she expects to be standing on the front line between earth and an alien invasion. Anyway, I really liked this scene. It was a good one for David Harewood's J'onn, and exposed a major crack in Alex's ability to choose between upholding her family and sworn duties as the DEO's top agent.

Oh man, did you see who else showed up this episode? That's right, Lena Luthor. Mmm … Lena. I honestly can't get enough of Katie McGrath's composure, and those icy, blue eyes of hers. More specifically though,  I adore when she shares her screen time with Melissa Benoist. I've mentioned this in the past, but there's something about these two ladies being in the same room that I find exciting. They could just be standing next to one another and I'd watch that. Some people simply have a natural on-screen chemistry, I suppose. Anyway, as a way of defying her mother, Lillian, Lena agrees to let Kara publish her findings about Cadmus and the alien abductions via Lena's official company blog – if Kara chooses to do so, of course. Eventually, and after some encouragement from Mon-El, Kara does just that. Here's the problem though, by publishing the article (which was written using Catco resource material), Kara had violated her contract with the mega-popular media outlet. I know that she had the best of intentions, but as someone who deals in confidential information all the time as a news editor here at JoBlo, I can tell you first hand that this kind of behavior is a deal breaker.

Also, do you want to know what else happened as a result of Kara posting her article? By exposing Cadmus to the world, Liliian then decides that she's going to pre-preemptively launch the Exodus ship. Yeah, the one with all the aliens they've collected trapped inside! Not cool, man! Not cool at all. But do you know what is cool? The fact that Agent Danvers is on the case, and she's packing a knapsack full of explosives! Actually, let's fast-forward to the part where she starts pushing buttons and the whole place begins going up like a Roman candle. This event triggers what was definitely my favorite scene of the episode, the one wherein Supergirl tries to stop the Exodus from reaching its pre-programmed destination. You see, Alex got herself aboard the vessel in an attempt to stop the launch, but she was too late. Now, it's up to Supergirl to use that magic momentum ability of hers * wink * to stop the vessel from leaping across space time.

This was a gripping moment for sure. I could see the hurt and desperation on Supergirl's face quite clearly, but Alex never lost faith in her sister for even a second. It was truly touching, and a fantastic moment for both the characters as well as the actors in the scene. I also really dug the sound design for this harrowing feat as well. Choosing to position the camera and mics inside the ship so that we could hear Supergirl's agonizing, muffled screams was a really nice touch, auditorily speaking. Kudos to you, production sound mixer Kyle Petty, you did some fine work, this episode.

Three more quick things before we get out of here. One, it looks as if Mon-EL is learning, my friends! I mean c'mon, my man showed up at Kara's door with piping hot pot stickers (her favorite)! Not only that, he's being attentive and sweet, too. I have to admit that I've really come around at the idea of Mon-El and Kara being a couple. Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood are another pair of actors on this show who exhibit and incredible amount of chemistry whenever they share a scene. I could have done without the 7th Heaven, Starbucks Mixed Tape soundtrack in the background, but what can you really do, right? These super-orchestrated, tender moments live for tunes like that, and even folk singer pop stars have got to ear, right?

Secondly, how great was that final scene between a redeemed Agent Danvers and J'onn J'onzz? I really appreciate that Alex was able to cop to her mistakes, make good on her promise to rectify the situation, and not hold J'onn's deceitful act against him for too long. As you already know, this is something the writers could have stretched – the whole Alex being mad of J'onn thing – but they didn't. Thank goodness, because not only does this show growth on Alex's part, but also, yawn! I'm glad that we could all just hug it out, be friends, and move on.

Lastly, everyone, did you see Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo at the end of the episode? What is up with that? Actually, you can find out by reading the synopsis for the next episode below, but whatever, man. Anyhow, that's all I've got for this week's review. Next Thursday should be a lot of fun, seeing as Grant Gustin's The Flash will be zipping on over into SUPERGIRL for a special two-part musical presentation! By the by, if you want to see part two of the event, you'll have to watch THE FLASH episode entitled "Duet" which airs the following evening on The CW. Cheers!     


STINGER: "Star-Crossed"  A new villain comes to National City, putting Supergirl on high alert; at the same time, she faces an attack by the Music Meister. Meanwhile, Winn's girlfriend, Lyra, gets Winn in trouble with the law; and Maggie attempts to help Winn, but old loyalties get in the way.


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