Venom will not be part of the MCU; starts shooting this September

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

How excited are you guys for the upcoming R-rated VENOM flick, starring Tom Hardy? Yeah, me too. While I would be a bit more excited for a CARNAGE movie, VENOM is a pretty sweet deal. Especially if it can wipe THIS out of our collective memories. THIS too while it's at it.

Anyhow, if you're as excited as I am to see Tom Hardy kick ass all over the Marvel universe, you're (kinda) in luck. Fifty-fifty I'd say. Because today we have word that VENOM will NOT be a part of the MCU but will begin shooting on September 1st!

Both of these slices of news come to us from these these two sources. That out of the way, the first bit comes to us via an interview with MCU producer Kevin Feige when he was asked if VENOM would be part of the MCU and if Marvel had any plans for their own R-rated flicks.

Kevin Feige on VENOM:

For now, there is no plan for Venom in the MCU. It’s a Sony Project.

Feige on an R-rated Marvel movie:

I don’t think it’s out of the question. When I started at Marvel seventeen years ago, the Blade franchise was doing very well. A lot of people didn’t even know that it was based on a Marvel character because at the time they sort of hid the fact it was Marvel. So, not out of the question, but not something we’re working on right now.

I know we were all already thinking it, but it's good to see Feige himself remind the world (yet again) that BLADE was an R-rated Marvel movie long before the new trend. So was THE PUNISHER, THE PUNISHER, and PUNISHER: WAR ZONE for that matter.

Anyhow, what do you make of this news? Does it bother you that VENOM will not be part of the MCU? I'll admit it's kinda lame because I want to see him battle Spider-Kid but I guess I can wait for the eventual VENOM VS CARNAGE movie you know Sony is currently planning.

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