Vince Vaughn channels more serious side in trailer for Term Life

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

TRUE DETECTIVE Season Two certainly has its fair share of critics and detractors, but, if there is one benefit I found coming out of last year's run (in addition to a solid climax), it was that Vince Vaughn was able to shake loose a lot of his Vince Vaughn-ness.

For years, it had felt like Vaughn was trapped playing this one particular character who moved from movie to movie and story to story, doing the same thing, just in different circumstances. OLD SCHOOL, DODGEBALL, THE WEDDING CRASHERS – you name it, he was always the same guy. But what TRUE DETECTIVE allowed him to do was show that he could handle something more serious, more grounded and, in a lot of ways, not snarky or comedic.

The trailer for TERM LIFE shows he is on the path to more work in that direction, and, while this film may not feel like a winner (the clunky inclusion of the father-daughter relationsip has me running for the hills), it's nice to see that Vince Vaughn may have a different gear to show us in future projects after all these years.

TERM LIFE can be found on-demand on March 1, and then later found in theaters on April 8.

Source: Focus World

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