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Last Updated on July 30, 2021

I’ll never forget the first time I watched TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY – or T2 if you’d prefer. It was one of those movie watching experiences that sticks with you. And as much as I loved both the first and the second, the franchise failed to excite this viewer once it moved on into a different storyline. For years I was hoping to see the return of Sarah Connor. Sure, we had a fun series with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and maybe a mention or two in the other sequels, but the idea of Linda Hamilton coming back to the franchise thrilled me to the core. And I’m happy to say that Sarah is back, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. TERMINATOR: DARK FATE is certainly the best sequel since T2, and it also features a solid cast that includes the return of Hamilton and Arnold. And frankly, for me, it was worth the wait.

Recently, we at JoBlo had the great opportunity to chat with the good people behind the new film. It all started off with Tim Miller, the filmmaker who gifted audiences with DEADPOOL. During our conversation, he discussed how they approached Ms. Hamilton to return to this world. He also opened up about finding the right tone, one that would match the first two films. This talented director also discussed his own approach to humor and action, and finding a little bit of balance between the two in this world as well.

Next up, we spoke to both Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes and Gabriel Luna. First up, we sat down with both Davis and Reyes. The two talked about their own history with the TERMINATOR franchise, and how they approached playing characters that are so closely connected to the original film. Davis is certainly proving to be quite terrific revisiting sci-fi properties. As for Luna, the actor is clearly happy to enter into this insanely popular series playing the deadly Rev-9. He discussed how he got involved, and the impact that the series had on him. He also adds a bit of his own personal charm to the moments when the bad guy needs be a little more human. All three   were incredibly kind, and the excitement they had for the project was certainly visible.

And finally, it was an incredible honor to sit across from Linda Hamilton herself. As a long time fan of the actress, it was wonderful to talk about the impact that Sarah Connor has had in film in general. However, for her, she avoided thinking about the cultural power of what Sarah Connor has become while returning to the role. She also chatted about creating a darker and more of a rough take, one that brings to life all the pain and heartbreak that Connor has gone through since we last saw her. It was a terrific conversation, and I couldn’t be more excited to have her back.

Are you ready for Sarah’s return? Make sure you check out TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, opening this weekend at a theatre near you.

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