We’re streaming Super Mario Maker 2 live on Twitch tonight!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Wahoo! Later this evening, JoBlo's own Bobby Shortle will be live streaming SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 on our JoBlo Games Twitch channel!

Unleashed on the Nintendo Switch late last month, SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 is a video game that pushes the limits of your imagination by inviting you to create fun and frustrating levels for all players to enjoy (or curse). Using the game's expansive set of tools, SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 encourages Mario fanatics to channel their inner sadist and use that malevolent malice to build challenging levels chock-full of Piranha Plants, pixel-perfect leaps of faith, and surprises hidden around every corner. Oh sure, you could build a more traditional level, but let's be real, this game is all about pain. It's about finding new and creative ways to make your friends call bullshit on your latest monstrous creations, and tonight, you can join us as we put some of the title's best and most harrowing levels to task.

It's all happening tonight at 9:30 EST on our JoBlo Games Twitch channel! Be sure to tune in and give us a follow, as we have plenty of games lined up for future streams, and hope to build the channel with your help.

Oh, and hey! If you've got any SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 levels that you'd like us to check out, leave a comment down below with your Creator Info and we'll do our best to check it out!

Source: JoBlo

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