Yet another The Munsters remake on the way, this time from Seth Meyers

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

THE MUNSTERS were always corny, and always raised some uncomfortable questions (like how does a reanimated corpse and vampire produce a werewolf baby?) But that's neither here-nor-there, because the concept of ostensible monsters trying to be a suburban family could be potentially interesting if done right.

Anyway, according to Deadline there's a new version of show from Seth Meyers and Jill Kargman that "follows members of an offbeat family who are determined to stay true to themselves but struggle to fit in in hipster Brooklyn. (In the original, the Munsters resided at the famous 1313 Mockingbird Lane address in the city of Mockingbird Heights, a fictional suburb in California.)" Huh. Okay.

Now, this isn't the first MUNSTERS reboot NBC attempted, as Bryan Fuller made one called MOCKINGBIRD LANE a few years ago with Eddie Izzard as Grandpa and Jerry O'Connell as Herman Munster. I really liked it, because it didn't shy away from the inherent darkness of the concept (it actually ends with a death, and even showed the Grandpa in full demon-vampyre mode). However, this sounds like it will be more standard sitcom fare, which would be disappointing if so.

So what about you Schmoes? You down for more MUNSTERS? Either way, sound off below!

Source: Deadline

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