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Final trailer for The Boy aims to remind you how creepy dolls can be


Dolls have a very distinct place in the history of horror. Their lifeless eyes and sometimes too lifelike features lend creedence to the idea that something nefarious is lurking within their stuffed bodies. And horror is more than happy to take them up on such possibilities, allowing something that's meant to be so innocent to terrify others who never see it coming.

Those are the principles that THE BOY is aiming to capitalize on, and the film's final trailer, released two days before its theatrical release, is gung ho to remind you of. Look... dolls can be creepy and up to no good.

Whether or not the film lives up to the legacy of murderous dolls that have come before will be decided soon enough, but this last look should help you decide if you're going to check this one out over the weekend.

THE BOY opens in theaters on January 22.



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