Brace your boobies for the hilarious new Masterminds trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021


I can see why someone wouldn't take to Jared Hess' (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, NACHO LIBRE) brand of humor, but his latest movie looks stupid in the best possible way. MASTERMINDS tells the story of armored car driver David (Zach Galifianakis) who plans a heist along with his work crush (Kristen Wiig) and a criminal leader Steve (Owen Wilson). A double-cross ensues, and David must dodge both the authorities and a hit man (Jason Sudeikis) before he can turn the tables.

Brace your boobies!

When it comes to Jared Hess, the man has a sense of humor that's so off-kilter, I can't help but admire it. He knows how to paint some awkward and funny characters, and as far as plots go, this one looks to provide some great opportunities for laughs. The cast is pitch perfect, so this comedy should round out the summer quite nicely. Plus, that flippin' disguise . . . the best!

MASTERMINDS opens in theaters on August 19, 2015.


Source: Relativity Studios

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