Dr. Jekyll [spoilers] in new behind-the-scenes The Mummy featurette

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Man, I want THE MUMMY to be good. I think of all the would-be cinematic universes – outside of Marvel or DC – the Universal monsters seem to be the most obvious fit. Hell, they were the first pioneers of the movie cross-overs to begin with! So it's been disappointing to see the generic trailers, the "chosen one" bullshit, and the fact that it literally apes the "sand face" scene from the 1999 film (with worse CGI)! I think we're witnessing the fasted end to a would-be cinematic universe since the AMAZING SPIDER-verse.

This all leads us to this new featurette, which I'd argue nonchalantly drops a pretty big spoiler in it, as if marketing doesn't even give a fuck (or is desperate). Either way, be warned if you still give a shit at all about this film:

Now, you can easily argue that the fact Russell Crowe's Dr. Jekyll transforms to Hyde is not a big spoiler, because, come on, we all know the story. I'd argue, however, that this isn't his movie, so it'd be reasonable to assume they were just going to introduce him to serve a greater function in his own film later. This also seems to imply two things: 1) that they'll tie the Mummy into Mr. Hyde's origin, and 2) that this movie will be over-stuffed garbage. Both could certainly be wrong, of course. Again, I want this movie to be good (and Sofia Boutella actually makes for a unique and compelling interpretation of the character, so there's that at least). But I'm just not feeling it. Especially since they also felt the need to include their own SHIELD in the form of the Jekyll-run Prodigium secret society nonsense. Ugh.

Either way, THE MUMMY will be unleashed onto theaters June 9th. Anyone actually excited for this? No judgements, of course. Hell, if anything, if it's successful maybe better remakes could come out of it. So sound off below!

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