Gris Grimly shares the news that Guillermo del Toro’s stop motion Pinocchio has been put on hold

There’s nothing like a good stop-motion adventure, especially brings life to an old tale and brings two great talents together for something that could take the material to a new place.

Unfortunately, the particular project I am talking about, the stop-motion version of PINOCCHIO involving Gris Grimly, Guillermo del Toro and The Jim Henson Company has been put on hold for the time being. Grimly shared this tweets yesterday, which no longer seem to be on his account:

Short to the point update on Pinocchio for those inquiring: It appears that this is not the right time for such a superior-adventurous flick —Gris Grimly (@GrisGrimly) January 30, 2013

@thinkbaker There are people like us out there. But they look at numbers. Frankenweenie was a box office failure to them. — Gris Grimly (@GrisGrimly) January 30, 2013

Del Toro and Grimly were on as script writers, with Tom Waits, Daniel Radcliffe and Ron Perlman being eyed to lend their voices. The pipes of Gepetto would have possibly that of Waits’. They were also possibly wanting to use the same kind of technique with filming actors that Gore Verbinski brilliantly used in RANGO. I know tons of kids that saw and loved FRANKENWEENIE, but I guess the studio does not want to take the gamble with this project at this moment. Very sad. Maybe one day it will get its moment to shine.

This cloud does have a silver lining though. Grimly followed with this today:

Let’s hope for the best! Grimly certainly deserves it.

Source: Twitter, Bleeding Cool

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