Interview: Child’s Play creator Don Mancini talks Season 3 and which horror icon Chucky could team up with

The Chucky creator talks about the Good Guy in the White House and what could be in store for future seasons.

Last Updated on October 27, 2023

After seven feature films and a maligned reboot, Child’s Play jumped to the small screen a few years ago with the series Chucky. Combining elements from the various movies and subplots involving cults, brides, and offspring, Chucky centered on a new protagonist in the small town of Hackensack, New Jersey. With Chucky able to dispense his brand of murderous rage on the unsuspecting citizens of his former hometown, audiences reveled in the bloodshed and sense of humor that had made the movie box office hits. After season one, Chucky went from a small town to a Catholic boarding school, where he continued his spree on nuns, priests, and teenagers. The first two seasons were hits for USA and SyFy in a rare instance of a series airing on two networks simultaneously.

Now, in the third season of Chucky, the Good Guy doll has moved to his biggest challenge yet: the White House. Living with the First Family in the most powerful residence on the planet, Chucky continues killing. Still, it must also deal with a supernatural power that may be stronger than anything he has faced. In short, Chucky is back and better than ever. Bringing many of the actors from prior seasons back, including Devon Sawa in his fourth role in the series to date, and the great Jennifer Tilly, Chucky continues to deliver in time for the Halloween season.

I recently had the chance to chat with Chucky creator Don Mancini about the new season. We discussed the logistics of Chucky dispatching people in the secured White House and where the series could go next season. Mancini also talked about bringing back actors in different roles in the series and what it has been like working with Devon Sawa in different roles. We also talked about which horror icon he would love to see Chucky team up with, and the answer may surprise you. Check out the full interview in the embed above.


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