Interview: Hugh Dancy, Michelle Dockery, and Kevin Doyle Talk Downton Abbey A New Era

One of the many charms of the series Downton Abbey has always been the characters. And now, the fan-favorite franchise returns with the follow-up to the 2019 feature film adaptation of the series. The new film explores a fascinating time in history when silent films started to become a thing of the past. Directed by Simon Curtis, the latest feature includes Hugh Dancy as a filmmaker who faces the awful truth of the changing tide with cinema and theatres. As well, Downton Abbey: A New Era allows this world to grow in an inspired and charming way. Even if you’ve never watched anything before, this is not a bad way to start your Downton Abbey experience.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with several cast members involved in the new film. This included the talents of Hugh Dancy, Michelle Dockery, and Kevin Doyle. As our conversation began, the subject of cinema came up, and how the theatrical moviegoing experience was recently questioned. And since Hugh is new to Downton Abbey, he opened up about how that helped with playing a filmmaker landing in these strangers’ lives. For both Michelle Dockery and Kevin Doyle, they talked about how this new story has allowed their characters to grow. The latest chapter is a joy. There is much to delight in, and now fans have the chance to see Downton Abbey: A New Era in theaters this Friday. Whether you are a fan or not, it’s a treat of a film that makes for a perfect escape.


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