James Gunn furiously shreds AI image from Superman set… but how many will it fool?

James Gunn has shut down a fake image supposedly leaked from the set of 2025’s Superman, formerly subtitled Legacy.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

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Considering the stature of and how much is riding on James Gunn’s upcoming Superman movie, it’s no surprise that there has been a wealth of rumors and speculation about pretty much every aspect of it. Gunn has dropped some crumbs for fans through set photos and costume reveals, but that doesn’t mean fake leaks haven’t hit the internet. Now, Gunn is calling them out for not just trying to trick fans but doing it so poorly.

Responding to a Threads follower asking about a supposed picture from the set of Superman (formerly Superman: Legacy), James Gunn called out the utter ridiculousness of the image, which was obviously generated by AI. Hitting on the lack of texture, cartoonish outfit and physical deformities, let’s check out what Gunn had to say about the Superman image. “Let’s see. Can the man on the left take a photo holding an amorphous black blob while looking through an eyeball on the front of his cap? Can the man on the right’s torso grow out of his right hip and can he be stupid enough to wear his pants with the drawstring in the back? Are David Corenswet’s hands made of wax without any bones or veins? And might Superman’s trunks be knitted with yarn? Ask yourself these questions and I’m certain you’ll be able to answer the question on your own.”

Considering this Superman stunt is one of the most obvious fake images to ever “leak” from a movie set – watermark or not – and Gunn handled it the way it deserved to be. But we also can’t help but wonder just how detailed such an image will get as AI technology progresses. We’ve already begun to see the threat of it within the industry – with execs not nearly as eager to slow it down as the creative types – but how many filmmakers are as connected as Superman‘s James Gunn with audiences to slow down rumors on the web? It might look absolutely ridiculous to most of us, but this most definitely fooled a lot of people who just don’t know any better. As such, there have already been calls for Gunn to just release a picture of the full costume to help avoid confusion and misinformation.

Are you concerned that the general public will fall for fake leaks as AI technology advances? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Threads

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