Luc Besson’s DogMan gets final trailer ahead of March release

With just over one month until its release, Luc Besson’s DogMan, has received another trailer, further showing off its style.

Luc Besson’s DogMan has received another trailer ahead of its release next month, capping off a journey that also saw the film competing for the Golden Lion at last year’s Venice Film Festival.

DogMan is writer/director Besson’s first film since 2019’s Anna and one that has built the most buzz in quite some time. The cast features Caleb Landry Jones, who was remarkable in 2021’s Nitram, and Jojo T. Gibbs, who appears in Past Lives, which is up for Best Picture this year. They are joined by Christopher Denham (Oppenheimer) and Clemens Shick (Star Wars series Andor). 

Here is the synopsis of DogMan: “Having just been arrested, Douglas opens his heart to tell the moving story of his life. As a survivor of childhood trauma, with a violent father who forces him to live in the family kennel, he develops a bond with dogs that defies understanding. Out of this hell, he grows to discover love, theatre, and cabaret, but also the injustice and disillusionment of the human world. In a life that’s been broken a thousand times, only the love of his dogs can bring salvation.”

DogMan will open in a limited release on March 29th before going wide the next week on April 5th. Those who have been following DogMan will note that the release has actually been pushed back two weeks from when it was originally intended to hit theaters. Regardless, for Luc Besson fans, his latest will be an event.

While DogMan didn’t snag the Golden Lion, it did actually win Fanheart3’s Graffetta d’Oro for Best Film, which is awarded to a work with the “highest chance to become a cult movie: the one every fan should watch, the one people will talk about the most, the one with the cast more related to fandoms already in existence.” Based on the trailer – which shows off some of the movie’s off-kilter tone and style – we can see why it won.

What do you think of the DogMan trailer? Will you be catching it in theaters? Let us know below!

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